Arkansas Fur Trappers Association (AFTA) is a IRS C(7) non-profit trappers association based in Arkansas. Our goal is to promote the sport of trapping and fur harvesting through education at schools, clubs and other organizations; through politics by being a voice in local and state governments; and through fellowship by encouraging trappers who live or work in a particular locality to organize themselves to promote the goals of AFTA.

The AFTA believes in the saying “All politics is local”. Politics is no fun, any sensible trapper would much rather be out setting steel or stretching fur, but is necessary to make sure that future generations can continue to trap without restrictive regulations and with healthy furbearer populations.

AFTA encourages members who live or work in a particular locality or as a matter of geographic convenience to organize themselves as an AFTA Chapter and promote the goals of AFTA locally. Each AFTA chapter gets one voting seat on the AFTA Board of Directors.

Membership information is available on the Shop page for credit card payments thru Paypal. For paying by check, print and mail the form on the Membership page.